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Purpose & Values

At Scouts Victoria we proudly support the values of Scouts Australia.  

Including, the importance of individuals and the community adopting a lifestyle that allows ecologically sustainable development through preventing environmental overload, environmental degradation and resource depletion.

It is based on these values that we have chosen to partner with Return It in their delivery of the Victorian Container Deposit Scheme.

Our History

The seed was sown for Scouting in 1907, when British military man, Major-General Robert Baden-Powell led an experimental camp on Brownsea Island, off the Dorset coast.


Bright Beginnings

11 Scout troops had formed in Victoria.

New Foundations

The earliest versions of what we now know as Scouts Victoria were formed. Back then this was known as the Victorian Branch of the British Boy Scouts.

National Formation

The Scout Association of Australia was created and we became a part of our own national organisation.

Victoria's Container Deposit Scheme

In November 2023 the Container Deposit Scheme launched in Victoria. Scouts Victoria established Scouts Victoria Recycling to manage its Container Deposit Scheme Depots in the East of Victoria.
Container Deposit Scheme Depots have revolutionised our scouting experience, offering practical lessons in environmental responsibility, community engagement, and financial literacy. Our scouts witness the direct impact of recycling and have become passionate stewards of the environment, all while raising funds for our exciting projects. Thank you for this transformative initiative.
Scout Hall
Leader in Charge Scout Hall
Our footy club has embraced the Container Deposit Scheme, uniting players, staff, and fans in promoting sustainability. Beyond fostering environmental responsibility, the initiative has strengthened community ties and boosts our club's fundraising. This partnership champions a greener future, both within our club and the wider community.
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